The Scottish Simmental Club

G.S. & G.I. Pettit



Spey- Bay Simmentals.

We have a total herd of approximately 40 cows & calves. Our small herd of pedigree Simmentals is commercially managed alongside our commercial cows.

Our farm is split roughly half grass and half arable, growing spring barley and carrots & potatoes.

 We are Members of Hi-Health and test Annually for  BVD & Johnes. We are also Members of  Breedplan .

 Our original  purchases came from Drumsleed and two heifers from Nyland.  This has been followed by purchases from Whitemire,  Fole,  Woodhall &Sacombe, and our most recent purchase, Seepa Cailin, by Delfur T-Bone, from Southern Ireland.

 Most of our commercial cows are home bred having been a closed herd for about 5 years.  A lot of the commercial cows are bred from Delfur heifers or graded up from crossbred cows.

 We prefer a medium sized cow which is naturally fleshy, and can out-winter  on our naturally free - draining Sandy soil, feeding silage, straw and minerals before coming inside before calving in January- March.

We Sell steer calves as yearlings at aHuntly market  and  surplus heifers sell for future breeding.

We use A.I. and natural service on the cows. we have two bulls Oakhill Ned & Our latest  herd sire, Delfur Alfie was purchased at Stirling in October 2010.  Alfie was reserve intermediate champion, An excellent son of  Glebefarm Reputation.

Here are animals added for this member.

Name Description Image
Spey-Bay Winston
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Spey-Bay Winston. Reserve Simmental Champion at Perth Multi-Breed May Sale 2008.
Ballinlare farm Phantom
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Our last stock bull Balinalare Farm Phantom. sire of Winston.
Whitemire Honesty.
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Bought at Whitemire dispersal. Sired by Crailing Barrister.
Crossbred heifers
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Seepa Cailin.
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recent import from Southern Ireland,. by Delfur T-Bone.
Delfur Alfie 09
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Delfur Alfie 09 our current stock bull.